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* Fun and lasting friendships with other girls and
   their babies

* A place where you can grow in your faith through bible studies and one on one conversations with caring mentors.
* Club, camp, campaigners
* Mentoring by caring adult women 
* Hope for a brighter future
* Time to just relax and be a teenager again!

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We are on our camp trip to Lake Champion!

We would love to have your prayer support during this time away. Camp is a great time for our girls to get away from the distractions of life and hear the gospel shared with them by their YoungLives leaders. The girls will have lots of memorable moments on this trip and hopefully the most memorable is giving their life away to follow Jesus Christ. 

Will you help by praying for us each day,
August 4th to August 9th?

- Prayer for our childcare team traveling to camp and preparing to love on babies.

- Prayer for Leaders: Alex and Kelly; Girls: Harley, Dezare, Marcediez, Brandi, Dom.

-Pray for safe travels, for hearts to begin to soften to hear the gospel, For babies to cooperate in the van, for relationship to build between the girls and leaders.

- For the girls to start to process the need for Jesus in their lives. To begin to see how truly loved they are by their heavenly father.

- For the girls hearts to be open to hearing about sin. That they understand that sin is a separation from God.

- Lord, Give the leaders words to walk through how much you love each of the girls. That you sent your son to die on the cross and to break down the separation from you. That we can have life and life to the full now.

- Pray for lives to be changed, Hearts to turn to the Lord. Pray for safe travels home. For relationships to be strong.

- Pray for the girls coming home. That they don’t fall back into temptation. That they find accountability and encouragement in each other. Pray for follow up for leaders as they walk alongside girls choosing to be new Christians.​

YoungLives needs...​​
Vital Volunteers! (click for info)​

    Women needed: 
> Mentoring teen moms
> Transportation to &

    from events

    Men and Women needed:

> Providing childcare 
   during events

> Securing finances

> Providing guidance and

   help to the ministry

You can also give through United Way: Donation Number 9187024​​


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