Camp Group 2017: Leaders, Moms, Childcare Workers, and Babies Snuggle time...                                  We're all in for YoungLives!                             Our faithful Mentors/Leaders                                              80's Night at camp!                                      Aw, it's okay sweetie!                                           Tubing Adventure!                                              Our fruity girls ;-)                                  It's fun to play together! A big thanks to our awesome Diaper Derby team                          Our First Place Diaper Derby winner!                          Mommy made a cake for me!                                      What game is this?? Picnics and kids just naturally go together. It's Zumba time! The Saran Ball Game -- what's in there? Game Night Smiles! Brittany Brown, our new Director!


* Fun and lasting friendships with other girls and
   their babies

* A place where you can grow in your faith through bible studies and one on one conversations with caring mentors.
* Club, camp, campaigners
* Mentoring by caring adult women 
* Hope for a brighter future
* Time to just relax and be a teenager again!

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Thank you to all who support YoungLives with your prayer, time, and finances. You're making a difference! When she returned from camp Brittany said, "Seeing the girls learning that God is pursuing them and loves them had me in tears. There were so many chains broken and healing that took place."
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All year long, mention YoungLives when you shop at Penn Hills Lawn and Garden​, and 5% of your bill will go toward helping teen moms!

YoungLives needs...​​
Vital Volunteers! (click for info)​

    Women needed: 
> Mentoring teen moms
> Transportation to &

    from events

    Men and Women needed:

> Providing childcare 
   during events

> Securing finances

> Providing guidance and

   help to the ministry

You can also give through United Way: Donation Number 9187024​​


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Phone: 412-273-0396

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